Get your Boutique on

So if you follow me on instagram (or are very sensitive to high frequency sounds and heard my excited girly squeals) you’ll be relatively up to date on my latest news. As of last Monday a little selection of my work is for sale in the beautiful Handmade Boutique, Touchwood, Solihull. Being an entirely new venture for me, I had feelings of nervous trepidation balanced with serious excitement. But while arranging my paintings and brooches in my little space, I thought to myself, how exciting that my products are sharing this place with the work of these wonderful talented designers. I’ve spent a few years seriously painting, and learning what people like, what people want to invest in to hang on their walls and how much these little investments are worth. And now that I know this stuff, its time my work reached a larger audience.

I’ve sold on Etsy for a few years now. LucyEatonArt is where I sell my paintings, and BeerAndBirdy is where my floral brooches live. I love etsy, buying unique goodies on there, selling to an arty audience who appreciate what they’re buying. There’s no place like it online for me. Everything handmade and unique. But paintings are such a personal item; Before you hang something in your home, you want to see how the light hits the little ridges left by the brush strokes and get a feel for the entire design without having to press zoom. Also I love to buy local, visiting the little haberdasher down the road for my buttons, going to the local gardening shop for plants, supporting the green grocers. And I think people are the same when it comes to art, so the idea of a boutique with a collection of work from a group of local designers just works. So if ever you’re in Solihull go and have a browse at the work of your local artists and designers. There are all sorts of gifts and goodies there so if you want something bespoke, unique and high quality just go look.

x Lucy



Tulip fields and starry starry nights

We recently hopped over to Holland for a friends wedding (which was absolutely beautiful!) and a little backpacking adventure. Safe to say we ate the best pancakes we have ever had and sat in some very nice little pubs and even a windmill brewery. Sometimes there is nothing better than a weekend away with some of the people you love, knowing that the only necessary tasks in hand are 1) Find good food 2) Find good drink 3) Find good view. And happily it was very easy to find all of the above in one nice little slanted canal side dwelling.

Obviously one of the highlights of Amsterdam for me was the flower market. Buckets and buckets of beautiful tulips, roses and lilies all perfectly presented in rich colours. I wanted to paint everything there and then!

Amsterdam flower market
Amsterdam flower market

Another huge highlight was the Van Gogh museum which I thought was exceptional. Never having been a huge fan of “the Sunflowers” and therefore Van Gogh (sorry!) I didn’t anticipate being that taken back. But what a brave guy artistically. We talk about knowing and building your brand (which is really important!) But we can be scared to try anything stylistically different for fear of straying from our brand. Van Gogh seemed to try it all, and still achieve an end piece that was unmistakably his own “brand”. Such a great variety of styles and compositions.

I love how pleased he was with his masterpiece – even if its not my favourite – where some of his work remained unsigned perhaps because he wasn’t pleased with it, his signature is right in the middle of the sunflowers painting, in BIG red letters. It makes you think that little bit harder about what you’re doing, because dont we all really want to create something that makes us so pleased we want to write our name in huge red letters across it!?


Camden Lock

It’s been a pretty hectic few weeks with various endeavours. The hubby and I popped to London to visit family and friends and ended up in distinctly quirky Camden Lock. What a great place! We could have eaten everything, particularly those scrumptious bagels and the lorry load of doughnuts and cronuts…although I’m still not really sure what a cronut actually is…but I know I want one.IMG_2504

It’s definitely a place I’ll be going back to explore for inspiration. We were headed for Borough Market in Southwark, but found it’s closed on Sundays! Devastation followed. Thanks to Deliciously Ella, I regularly see photos of incredible fruit and vegetable laden swanky market stalls on my Instagram feed. We’ll make it there again soon I’m sure!


So after a great weekend with lovely people, lots of hilarity and many delicious calories we were homeward bound to the Midlands. I had a few new commissions to work on whilst sitting at my table in the window of our new home. This lovely customer wanted something fresh and zesty, with some summery Helenium in crisp white and punchy green, it’s put me right in the mood for summer, please summer, do come soon!

White Helenium
White Helenium

x Lucy