Get your Boutique on

So if you follow me on instagram (or are very sensitive to high frequency sounds and heard my excited girly squeals) you’ll be relatively up to date on my latest news. As of last Monday a little selection of my work is for sale in the beautiful Handmade Boutique, Touchwood, Solihull. Being an entirely new venture for me, I had feelings of nervous trepidation balanced with serious excitement. But while arranging my paintings and brooches in my little space, I thought to myself, how exciting that my products are sharing this place with the work of these wonderful talented designers. I’ve spent a few years seriously painting, and learning what people like, what people want to invest in to hang on their walls and how much these little investments are worth. And now that I know this stuff, its time my work reached a larger audience.

I’ve sold on Etsy for a few years now. LucyEatonArt is where I sell my paintings, and BeerAndBirdy is where my floral brooches live. I love etsy, buying unique goodies on there, selling to an arty audience who appreciate what they’re buying. There’s no place like it online for me. Everything handmade and unique. But paintings are such a personal item; Before you hang something in your home, you want to see how the light hits the little ridges left by the brush strokes and get a feel for the entire design without having to press zoom. Also I love to buy local, visiting the little haberdasher down the road for my buttons, going to the local gardening shop for plants, supporting the green grocers. And I think people are the same when it comes to art, so the idea of a boutique with a collection of work from a group of local designers just works. So if ever you’re in Solihull go and have a browse at the work of your local artists and designers. There are all sorts of gifts and goodies there so if you want something bespoke, unique and high quality just go look.

x Lucy