Chelsea made me a flower show convert

I am a flower show convert! Up until Chelsea Flower Show 2015, I had never attended a flower show (Well unless you count Gardeners World Live where I spent a lot more time in the Good Food section sampling ice cream than I did perusing the perennials). Admittedly I’ve never been that bothered with the idea of attending, I figured I had been to enough Garden centres and I have enough friends and family with beautiful gardens for me to visit! But this was something else. As you wander around the incredible show gardens you become absolutely absorbed by the creativity of it all. And the people who have made these masterpieces aren’t Gardeners alone, they must be recognised as artists, designers, architects and visionaries. Inspirational stuff! This is NOT a day out at the garden centre, it is a chance to stand amongst gardens that I have only ever seen in books and oil paintings. How lovely to be in that scene, the fragrance, the sounds of happy bees and the sunlight dancing on the pond. I of course now hope to attend many more.

Rebeca Louise Law
Rebeca Louise Law’s Hanging Summer Meadow

chelseaFor me two of the most captivating show gardens were The Laurent-Perrier Chatsworth Garden by Dan Pearson which appealed to my soft spot for wild gardens, and The Morgan Stanley Healthy Cities Garden by Chris Beardshaw reminding us of the importance of green spaces in the community, and just really lovely!

Now to put this inspiration into action and set brush to canvas.

x Lucy