More colour please!

March is almost here can you believe it?! February has proved to be a busy month full of all kinds of goings on, some good, some not so great. I’ve been really glad to have an exciting painting commission to work on, something that pushes my boundaries and has made me feel more creative than I’ve felt in quite a while. Think explosions of colour, lush trees, rolling hills and crazy foxes running around. I always felt like paintings were like outfits, the “pick three colours maximum” rule. But in nature there’s no such thing as clashing colours! You never see a field full of poppies and foxgloves, Iris, wild orchids, dandelions and daisies and think “woah too much colour”. So I’m experimenting with using every colour I have in the paintbox to create crazy colourful meadows that you want to find and spread out your picnic blanket.

Really glad to see this one go to a beautiful home earlier this month.
Really glad to see this one go to a beautiful home earlier this month.

In other news this month, i’ve been enjoying very much my little soap deliveries from Honest soaps whilst in their trial stage. They’re on their journey to making very lovely, kind to the skin soaps that smell incredible and are jam packed full of nice natural ingredients, just how we like it. And as a sweet bonus to someone who loves a bit of colour injected into every area of my home, they’re lovely and colourful too! Talk about a gigantic cherry on top!

HonestSoaps trials
HonestSoaps trials

x Lucy

One thought on “More colour please!

  1. I can’t wait to see your explosion of colour painting Lucy. Thanks for the mention as well – I hope you are enjoying the last batches. We have some more set aside for you for when we next see you and the Mr!


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