Let painting commence!

I think it all began with my wonderful Aunty Nora who taught me a very important lesson, that a landscape drawing should not consist of a blue line for the sky, with a green line for the ground and a yellow circle for the sun. She painted the most beautiful watercolour skies and I would watch her in awe. From then on, I knew I had to paint…swans, butterflies, my own eyelids, anything, everything!

Fast forward a decade or so, I went on to study Art and Design at college (best two years of my education, school was tedious!) and fell in love with Fine Art. I had some incredible tutors, one of whom has gone on to do brilliant things as the man behind Pop Bang Colour, Ian Cook. Finally, a fair few years later, after two house moves, quite a large amount of stress, a wedding and a lot of hours spent in work I didn’t enjoy, I have decided to spend more time doing the things that really make me feel happy, excited and inspired! So let the painting commence!


Lucy Eaton Art

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