Camden Lock

It’s been a pretty hectic few weeks with various endeavours. The hubby and I popped to London to visit family and friends and ended up in distinctly quirky Camden Lock. What a great place! We could have eaten everything, particularly those scrumptious bagels and the lorry load of doughnuts and cronuts…although I’m still not really sure what a cronut actually is…but I know I want one.IMG_2504

It’s definitely a place I’ll be going back to explore for inspiration. We were headed for Borough Market in Southwark, but found it’s closed on Sundays! Devastation followed. Thanks to Deliciously Ella, I regularly see photos of incredible fruit and vegetable laden swanky market stalls on my Instagram feed. We’ll make it there again soon I’m sure!


So after a great weekend with lovely people, lots of hilarity and many delicious calories we were homeward bound to the Midlands. I had a few new commissions to work on whilst sitting at my table in the window of our new home. This lovely customer wanted something fresh and zesty, with some summery Helenium in crisp white and punchy green, it’s put me right in the mood for summer, please summer, do come soon!

White Helenium
White Helenium

x Lucy

Let painting commence!

I think it all began with my wonderful Aunty Nora who taught me a very important lesson, that a landscape drawing should not consist of a blue line for the sky, with a green line for the ground and a yellow circle for the sun. She painted the most beautiful watercolour skies and I would watch her in awe. From then on, I knew I had to paint…swans, butterflies, my own eyelids, anything, everything!

Fast forward a decade or so, I went on to study Art and Design at college (best two years of my education, school was tedious!) and fell in love with Fine Art. I had some incredible tutors, one of whom has gone on to do brilliant things as the man behind¬†Pop Bang Colour,¬†Ian Cook. Finally, a fair few years later, after two house moves, quite a large amount of stress, a wedding and a lot of hours spent in work I didn’t enjoy, I have decided to spend more time doing the things that really make me feel happy, excited and inspired! So let the painting commence!


Lucy Eaton Art